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Book “Imagine New Ways of Doing New Things Every Day”

Book “Imagine New Ways of Doing New Things Every Day”

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Book "Dallara 50 – Dallara 50 LUXURY EDITION", a book to learn about the incredible fifty years of the company history of the engineer Dallara. With a preface by Alessandro Baricco.
This project was a real challenge but also a surprise, sometimes unexpected. Because we let ourselves be overwhelmed by the stories and we laugh, we are moved, we remember the past sighing, but also the future by dreaming. You remain incredulous thinking "this can't be true", and instead it is. Dallara has been able to give so much to her friends, and it's easy to let yourself be taken by the hand in this adventure. Like in a novel, or in a movie. But also, after all, as in life. Black and white portraits are able to give images without time or geographical location and therefore eternal, like the stories of those who pose for us after giving us a piece of their life.

Measurements: 20,5×25 cm

Buond with hard cover

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